Ben Czar

My name is Ben Czar and welcome to my website. I am the founder and manager of Ben Czar Home Designs Inc. Here we showcase all of our many years of building knowledge and design experience.

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I grew up in a big family of 12 brothers and sisters, but it was from a very young age I knew I wanted to build homes for a living. From just a few years old, I knew my passion for creativity and design would lead me to a career of creating lovely, homey spaces for others too. Growing up in a big family full of love and support, I was fortunate enough to have a great upbringing that taught me the value of learning and hard work.

Now with my training has an architect, designer, builder and interior decorator I am to bring the warmth and love I experienced in my youth, to the custom homes of others. I offer my services for anyone looking to design and build their home from scratch or to those who just wish to renovate or rehabilitate something in or about their home. The sky is the limit. We can undertake virtually any size project and can guarantee it will be finished on time and on budget…and to your absolute satisfaction.

blueprints and safety helmet over a table in construction siteI urge you to send me an email with questions about your next building project and see if we can develop something perfect for you and your family. We are certain we have what it takes to make sure you get your dream home.

I am also an aspiring member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (link to